Making progress indicator more noticeable


My users are suggesting that the light colored progress activity clock icon is too light in color to catch their attention. I wanted to edit the icons to experiement with bolder colors on it.

Is there something special about the location of the “active” progress.gif icon? I’ve changed colors for both the active and inactive icons however only the inactive shows updated colors on the screen when frame is set to “progress on” and frame is in background. The foreground frame with “progress on” still will only show the original icon and I cannot seem to affect its color even when editing the icon file. I have changed icons for all the skins on my system but the “active” icon never seems to change. Is there a special place for it?

I’ve edited the icon files in these two location …

Is this correct?



progress image are placed here:


Make sure that you have included desired images. If the problem isn’t solved, please send the sample to reproduce the issue.