Making Task Names Readonly

Hi guys,

We recently got a new request to lock down task names. So is there a way to allow you to create a new task and give it any name, but once the task is created / you cannot edit it inside the lightbox?

I know i could hide the task name in the lightbox, but that feels too clunky and it hides it from the new task lightbox.



You need to make description section read-only and also set “scheduler.config.details_on_dblclick = true” to prevent editing event by inline-editor. … oxssection

Hi Polina,

I am using Gantt, not Scheduler. I don’t want to make the entire project readonly. Just the Task Text field property inside the lightbox. Is there anyway to hack around that properly?

Currently it’s not possible to set the “description” area in the Lightbox readonly.

To solve the issue you can check event.text when onLightboxSave event fires and show the message that task text may not be changed. Please, check the snippet:

I like it! It will ensure that the user will not update the text. Thanks a lot.

Maybe for gantt 4.5 you guys could throw that in there?

Thanks again!