Manage event on two month in timeline month view

I’ve two problems with dhtmlx scheduler and I need your help;

  • Problem 1

I’ve a event who started at the last day of may and finish the first day of June. On the May view, I see my event object but he’s not visible on the June view. The following event is visible on the two month view: May_lastDay -> June_firstDay+n (first day = no, second and more = yes).
When I put my data in scheduler with scheduler.parse(JSON.stringify(myVar), “json”); The event ended at the first day of month (June 1) have not HTML element in Inspector. But the events ended after June 1 have the HTML element and is displaying.
05-30 to 06-01 = no HTML element
05-30 to 06-02 = have HTML element
06-01 to 06-02 = have HTML element

  • Problem 2

I can’t grow up the event the on the previous month(ex: actually 06/02, I want to grow up for the event start the 05/31 instead of 06/02 (the last day of previous month = maximum, so 31 or 30 or 28 in function of number of days in the previous month). ==>
How to make the first day on the schedule the last day of the previous month (while keeping it on the schedule for the previous month) ? because if I can do this, it will solve the problem 2 and it will only remain the problem 1.

  • May schedule: [April 31] [May 01] [May 02] […] [May 31]
  • Jun schedule [May 31] [Jun 01] [Jun 02] […] [Jun 31]
  • Jul schedule: [Jun 31] [Jul 01] [Jul 02] […] [Jul 31]

name: “timeline”,
x_unit: “day”,
x_date: "%d %D ",
x_step: 1,
x_size: 31,
section_autoheight: false,
y_unit: scheduler.serverList(“visibleRooms”),
y_property: “room”,
event_dy: “full”,
x_unit: “month”,
x_date: “%F, %Y”
// scrollable: true,
// scroll_position:new Date(2018, 0, 15)

on the second last line of the second picture, there should be the red event on half of the first day of June.


Please read again my reply regarding to the Problem 1. Event with end_date 06-01 is not rendered in June, also you see it in the sample that I provided:

As for Problem 2 - please reproduce it using the DHTMLX snippet system DHTMLX Snippets
Update the code to replicate the issue, click on Share button and send me the link.
It will help me to understand the issue carefully and how to solve.