Manipulating paging


Are there any API methods to set paging parameters?
We have very large datasets and our SQL queries are very complex so we may have to break down our results into sets of 2000. This means we will have to set the total pages and results so that the user is aware that there are more than 2000 records.
It’s an unusual request I know but we are exploring possibilities at the moment.


The paging in grid, works similar to smart rendering - both receives awaited count of rows as part of initialization ( rows@total_count attribute )
Grid will show count of pages based on this value ( you need not to load all rows, just provide info about expected count of rows ), when user selects page, for which data is not loaded - grid will try to auto-load data by using default auto-loading protocol ( if you using connectors on server side - data fetched automatically, no need for any custom coding ) , which can be intercepted ( onDynXLS event ) and custom loading logic can be executed instead of default one. … aging.html