Manipulating Toolbar inside container?

I have a toolbar on a form in a container. How do I manipulate the toolbar? For example, mytoolbar.disableItem(“fm1”); does not work. What’s the reference for the container?

Could you provide us a code snippet of your implementation and we will help you on your sample directly

Hi Darya,

Attached is a simplified version of the layout. I have a grid and toolbar attached to a form. I need following functionality:

  1. User selects row in myGrid3
  2. Depending on data in column ‘DeliveryMonths’ some of the toolbar buttons (months) get enabled/disabled.
  3. Need to change color/bold of toolbar buttons depending on myGrid3 selection
  4. Also need to hide column ‘DeliveryMonths’

I’m obviously not getting how to manipulate components inside a container in form programmatically.

Code: (1.77 KB)

What DHTMLX version do you have to include correct files?

Versions 4.1.2 standard.


Are you sending the files today?

Use any custom check and call method:

myToolbar.enableItem(itemId); or myToolbar.disableItem(itemId);

myToolbar.setItemText(itemId, “text”);