manually init spreadshet

How do i manually init spreadsheet from Javascript? (similar to init grid)

i try to initialize an empty spreadsheet based on the initialization from loader.js

 dhx_sh = new window.dhtmlxSpreadSheet({
			    parent: "spreadsheet_container",
			    icons_path: "/codebase/imgs/icons/",
			    image_path: "codebase/imgs/",
			    skin: 'dhx_skyblue',
			    autowidth: true,
			    autoheight: true,
			    math: true
		    dhx_sh.load("1", null);

However, it’s failed at function addParamToUrl in spreadsheet.js. My website is ASP.NET base, not PHP. So how do i make it to work?

You need to provide data feed as part of initializaton

dhx_sh = new dhtmlxSpreadSheet({ load: "../codebase/php/data.php", save: "../codebase/php/data.php", ... }); … ialization

Thanks Stanislave. I try to provide data feed as your suggestion. However, it’s entirely PHP, and my website is entirely ASP.NET. Do you have any ASP.NET connector to spreadsheet?

Unfortunately it is only php for now. It is not connector, but a custom, more complex code.
On other hand, you can use different server for spreadsheet backend hosting

Did you ever get this to work?
If not, I have it working with
Let me know, an I will post the details of how i got it working, may not be the best way, but it works for what i needed.