Map loading Issue in map view

I am using MAP view in scheduler, right now I am getting error message “For Development Purpose Only”.
looks like dhtmlx scheduler is making google maps api call without using google maps api key.
we are using dhtmlx scheduler with version 3.1.5331.27639, which does not have option to set api key while adding a map to scheduler like below.
var scheduler = new DHXScheduler(this);
var map = new MapView();
how to fix the map loading issue.


The issue is related to the Google Maps, not to the DHTMLX Scheduler.
To solve the issue with the message you need to register and add your own google API key on your page, so the maps will display correctly. Here you can find an info:

This is an issue with dhtmlx scheduler only.
I have downloaded latest version(3.4) and its working fine now.