Map view from ics file respecting ics geo tag


When using the map view with data loaded from an ics file, the latitude and longitude for an event doesn’t appear to be loaded?

For example one of our ics events has the following geo tag

Yet the map view doesn’t map the lat/lng.

Can anyone offer some tips?

Thanks - Simon

this property doesn’t parsed by default. But you can do it manually with “onEventLoading” event scheduler.attachEvent("onEventLoading", function(ev){ if(ev.geo){ var coord = ev.geo.split(";") = coord[0]; ev.lng = coord[1]; } return true; });
However, current version of ical parser contains bug and ev.geo contains only latitude component.
You may try developer version of dhtmlxscheduler.js where bug seems to be fixed, see the attachment (42.1 KB)