Map view

I have two problems with the map view.

First: All works correctly except when I insert an event. I can update and delete in all the views(map, week,month…) but I only can insert in the map view, in other view show me this:

and I dont know why!

And second: For example if I write: Reunión, when I refresh the page the accent dissapears and appears this: Reunión . Who can I change this?

Pleasee help

Hi again,
I continuous with the problems.

I think that the problem is with lat and lng fields because when I try to add an event in any view(except map) that fields are null and can not save it. Only it save in map view cause lat and lng are not null. How can I change this?
But I’ve also seen in the log file that when I save an event in map view first do the insert and then an update of the same event and when I update an event in any view do it two times, is it normal?
In the configure() I have this:

        SchedulerConnector c = new SchedulerConnector(conn,DBType.MySQL);
	c.event.attach(new Behavior(c,usuarioVo));
	c.render_sql("SELECT 	event_id,start_date,end_date,event_name,details,event_location,lat,lng,subject,user_id FROM events WHERE user_id='"+idUsuario+"'", "event_id", "start_date,end_date,event_name,details,event_location,lat,lng,subject","user_id");

and the behavior is this(I only use it to save and add the field of the user id):

        public Behavior(SchedulerConnector connector, UsuarioVO usuarioVo){
		this.connector = connector;
                this.usuarioVo = usuarioVo;

       public void beforeProcessing(DataAction action) {
		String subject = action.get_value("subject");
		action.add_field("user_id", idUsuario);

And the problem with the accents only appears in Safari and I have utf-8. I don’t know.

I would appreciate your help, it’s important.


  1. Please, try to change fields lat and lng to varchar(255).
  2. Try to use the follow dataprocessor initialization:
dp = new dataProcessor("");

Hi and thanks.

My problem with the encoding has been solved with dp.enableUTFencoding(false);
Thanks very much.

But the other…I changed the fields lat and lng to varchar(255) and show me the same message.

Hi again,
I’m trying things and I’ve got save all the events in month view. When I don’t write anything in the event_location field, lat and lng have 0.00000 and when I write a location lat and lng estimates the values. I put this in the Behavior class:

       public void beforeProcessing(DataAction action) {
                       action.set_value("event_location", "");}
                       action.set_value("lat", "0.000000");}
                      action.set_value("lng", "0.000000");}


But in day and week view doesn’t work.It show me the same message. How can I do for this views?

I guess that problem occurs because scheduler doesn’t use field for ‘details’, but it presents in connector initialization:

c.render_sql("SELECT ...", "event_id", "start_date,end_date,event_name,details,event_location,lat,lng,subject","user_id");

You may remove it from connector render_sql call or add special field in scheduler lightbox.

Thanks radyno,
I just solve it.