"mark_now" and "updateCollection"

I have a function in which I call

scheduler.updateCollection("someview", newCollection);

But after this the “mark_now” marker disappears. Is this a known issue? Is there something I can do about it?
When I switch view (e.g. from week view to month view and back) it shows up again.


it doesn’t seem to happen in our demos:

Can you check the browser console, are there any errors?

Sorry, my bad, it’s the scheduler.updateView(); that triggers the issue. Add it after the updateCollection() and you see the issue.

I need to do this to hide units in the units view. Perhaps there is another way to do that? I.e. when I select a unit (or multiple) I want to hide the other unit columns.

I can’t confirm this either:
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Using serverList/updateCollection is an expected approach for this case. Although, a manual call of scheduler.updateView after updateCollection shouldn’t be necessary since updateCollection also triggers redrawing of the view.

Thanks! It works in timeline view. But switch to week or day view and then click on the updateCollection-button.

understood. Seems like scheduler.updateView does not trigger repainting of the current time marker.
If it’s possible, try using scheduler.setCurrentView instead, it should work correctly then.

OK thanks! I’ll try it.