Marking Sections in Tree timeline

Hi, I am trying to create a scheduler for tracking holidays while also including employees shifts So I decided to use the Tree timeline view.

My Questions are:

  1. Can I mark the different sections (etc. full day or shift C) separately
  2. Why is it becoming more faint as it goes down?

Here’s my code for marking:

sched.TimeSpans.Add(new DHXMarkTime() {
        Day = DayOfWeek.Saturday,
        CssClass = "green_section", 
        SpanType = DHXMarkTime.Type.Default

        sched.TimeSpans.Add(new DHXMarkTime()
            Day = DayOfWeek.Sunday,
            CssClass = "green_section",
            SpanType = DHXMarkTime.Type.Default


Yes, specify it in the property “Zones”. Read more details on the page

Could you please elaborate the question?

Thank you, for the second question I figured it out, it was just a problem with my css file.