Marktime span work like events


I need to know how i can make markings work as events.

Lets say on calendar i’m creating event by clicking and dragging down to the end time and after leaving mouse normally it creates events as below screen shot

But i want it to be a time span marking with same details ( date & time ) like below screen shot

and when i want to edit this i may increase / decrease its timings or drag it to somewhere same what i can do with normal events.

How can i achieve this?


Unfortunately there is no simple inbuilt way to implement it. Only events can be dragged by default.

Could you please clarify why do you need to drag/change height of marked timespans? Possibly I will be able to provide you with workaround.
Perhaps it makes sense to create events with different configurations and colors and use them in different cases. Could this be a solution? If no, why?

Hi thanks for the reply.

What i need actually to show my working timings with respect to different times in a day. lets say morning and night shifts.

I am already saving time span values and dates by selecting date , start and end time from a form and then saving to my database so next time in a loop it will make markings…

So but i need to create or edit them with more easy way to drag its length instead of doing form thingy.
So on my calendar there will be a background color representing something and over it there will be a event.

Thank you for detailed clarification. Unfortunately, now I can’t provide you with a workaround for your case.

I will add your requirements to the list with Scheduler features and ideas, and possibly it will be implemented in the future.

Thanks for reply.

Ok i am willing to add this feature in dhtmlx scheduler.
So how and from where i can start to work on it .

If you can give me some starting guide i may be able to spend my time on this work for you.


Unfortunately, I can’t guide you on how to start working on it, because the current Scheduler version requires significant code rewriting to implement this functionality. If it were simple, I would quickly be able to provide you with an approximate solution and specify in which direction you should move. But so far I can not do this.