Mashed text

Please see the attached.

What would cause event text in a month scheduler to occasionally be layered directly over each other? I note that some elements also appeared on the wrong day.


It can be caused by some weird css conflict , with custom styles on the page.
Also - check that dates of your events are correct ( start date is smaller and not equal to the related end dates )

If issue still occurs, can you provide some demo link?

Thank you for helping me with this!

You can see the data feed here:

You can see the scheduler page here:

The two issues I’m seeing:
-mashed text
-events on the wrong day (try searching for event ‘MZ-123’ on February 11, 2010…no data feed entry)

Thank you!

Events in your case have
start_date == end_date

For example


If event takes a whole day, it must be


Made the fix, and it works perfectly. You all are great. Thank you!