master check boxes in dhtmlxtreegrid


How to add master checkbox functionality in the header in the dhtmlxtreegrid.Saw the same for dhtmlxgrid and tried to apply the same thing to my treegrid but didn’t work.

Also how to keep the invisible checkboxes in the treegrid invisible throughout.Even though during the initial loading the checkboxes are not appearing but if one enters space on that area the checkboxes suddenly apears.How to prevent this?

Thanks in advance,

To add a master-checkbox into a treegrid’s header you need to add dhtmlxgrid_filter.js to your codepage.
Then you need to attach a header with master-checkbox to your treeGrid:


To disable editing of the checkboxes in the cells you may try to set the thetype of needed cells to “ro”:

<cell type="ro"></cell>

Also you may try to deny the editing of the cell using onEditCell event: