Master Checkbox Event


Is there any event when clicking the master checkbox ?

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There is no separate event for master checkbox, but each checkbox in the grid will trigger onCheckbox event. … event.html

I have a column type of ch and a #master_checkbox in the grid.attachHeader method for that column. I then have grid.attachEvent(“onCheck”, doOnCheck).

Anytime a checkbox in the grid is checked or un-checked this works great but, if you select the #master_checkbox the doOnCheck function never initiates. There are no errors.

I need the doOnCheck function to work with the master checkbox as well as the others.

DHTMLX Suite v.4.2 Pro

Pleas,e try to use the onCheckbox event instead of onCheck: … event.html

That works. Thank you but now I’m a little confused. Will the recommended onCheck eventually do the same? How long before the “depreciated” onCheckbox is no longer supported?

Due to the master_checkbox we’re not planning to remove the event completely, so it can be used.