master_checkbox problem

I have a grid setup with a #master_checkbox and ch type in the first column, I also have pagination on set to the bricks style, the grid appears and pages perfectly, but…

With around 400 records, when I use the master checkbox on page one only the first couple of pages get checked, i.e. with 20 records per page then records on page 3 will most likely not be checked when I look at it.


Try to call the next command after data loading

grid.load(“some.url”, function(){
for (var i=0; i<grid.getRowsNum(); i++) grid.render_row(i);

It will not break paging, but will prepare all rows for checkbox operations.

Also, beware that if you are using dynamical paging ( loading data from server by chunks ) , master checkbox will affect only rows which is already loaded to the client side.