Master Combo not updating Child Combo a 2nd time

I have the following code:

var z2=new dhtmlXCombo(“combo_zone2”,“paymentXref”,100);


var z=new dhtmlXCombo(“combo_zone”,“paymentTrav”,140);




It works great when selecting the 1st master (z) to alter the child (z2). However, if I change (z) again, it doesn’t look like the “parent” value is being sent to (z2) again. Is this an issue I haven’t taken care of in my XML (boxes.asp) or am I missing a reload option somewhere? Thanks!!!

Updated of related combo starts when onChage event occurs in master combo
It may be caused by direct selection ( selection from list by mouse ) or by typing the value and moving focus out from combo.
The update from sub-combo will not fire if you just have typed new value in master combo but not moved focus out of it.

The code which you are using is correct and must produce correct server side calls.

I have the exact same problem.  If I change the master combo a second time, the child data does go away, but the new data is not loaded.  I blanked out the master combo, re-entered a new one, tried clicking it, tried selecting it by arrow keys, then move out of the field to cause onChange to fire.  Nothing happens though to the child except it blanks out the existing data.  That tells me the onChange IS firing on the parent, but it does not send parent param.  I confirmed this by forcing a parent param into my child script.  When the master changes, the child updates with the data for that same child every time.  So, this tells me that the master is definitely NOT sending the parent param on a second onChange event.  Seems to be a bug.

The group extenstion has been fixed. Try to use the attached file instead of the original. Probably it’ll solve the problem. (911 Bytes)

M. Sauer - Wow! Thanks for bringing this back to my attention. I’ve just been dealing with the bug, but I’m happy to see someone else having the same issue.

Support - Thanks for the quick response. I’ve tested the new code and I’m still having the same problem. What additional information would you need to help track down this issue?

>>I’ve tested the new code and I’m still having the same problem.

Locally the issue is not reproduced.

Please, provide a direct link to reproduce the issue.