Master/Detail Grid


anyway to implement a master/detail grid with many detail for each rows?


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There is no native support for master-details grid, you can achieve similar functionality by attaching onSelect event handler  and show hide related grid object on item selecting, with reloading data when necessary with grid.clearAll(); grid.loadXML(url);

Currently we have some prototypes of multilevel grids, similar to one on your screenshot, but I’m not sure when it will be released as part of stable version.

" There is no native support for master-details grid"
Is this supported in ver. 4 ??
Can’t se any examples in the standard version 4 which i downloaded.
I am trying to display 2 grids with master detail relationship.
The data is loaded from MysQl (from server).
The database name is: CustOrder
There are two tabels in the database: Customers and Orders
The first grid loads table (Customers) with fileds: CustNum and CustName
The second grid loads table (Orders) in the detail grid with fields: OCustNum , OrderNum and Orderdetails.
I have this working up to some extend but I can’t get the selected customer from Customers
table to show up in the details(Orders) Grid. Tried various filtermethods.
Filter: CustNum = OCustnum.
Been looking hard for examples in ver. 4 but can’t find it (loading data from 2 different tables
from the same database (CustOrder) (MySql)).
Any examples around ?

You may use the solution from the previous post.
Also you may use the dhtmlxDataStore component to link several dhtmlx-components: