MasterCheckbox checks all the rows event they are disabled

Hello everybody,

I have a grid with a master checkbox column, in some cases some checkboxes can be disabled.
The problem is that when i press the master checkbox, it checks all the checkboxes event if they are disabled.
Does anybody know the solution?


The issue is confirmed and fixed.

Please, open ticket at so we can provide you with the updated dhtmlxgrid_filter.js

Hi ,
I am using v3 pro suite and still facing the same issue. When I check the filter.js, I don’t see any code to control based on disable/enable state. Can you please let me know if you have any alternate solution.

This is the code that is present in filter.js

var self=this;
var j=self._m_order?self._m_order[i]:i;
var val=this.checked?1:0;
var c=this.cells(id,j);
if (c.isCheckbox()) {
c.cell.wasChanged = true;
this.callEvent(“onCheckbox”, [id, j, val]);

Please, try to update your dhtmlxGrid version. OR please, try to open ticket at and provide with your using sources so we can patch your current version.