Material Design - inspired skin/theme

I’m new to DHTMLX, and evaluating it for use in a Google project. At a first glance, DHTMLX seems powerful, but the design looks a bit old.

Creating a theme inspired by the Google Material Design would make DHTMLX Suite better than many other UI libraries whose design is stuck in the past, and would put it on par with Kendo UI theme-wise.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Please note that for now we have three different skins (‘skyblue’, ‘web’, ‘terrace’). You may check them here: (click on View app gallery)

A new design (skin) for DHTMLX is in our to-do list and we’ll consider the suggested option too.

Is this change coming any time soon in the next releases?

Hello, we’re thinking about new design and probably will release it in one of the next updates. However, we are not sure that it will be Material Design though we added this section to our roadmap: So if it collects many votes, we’ll probably choose it.

Hi together,

we are using DHTMLX Suite Pro with the Enterprise License in our small development team since a few years. DHTMLX is a great framework. We develop an amazing CRM/ERP-Software for small and midsize businesses.

But we realy need a freshup for the design. The current skins (‘skyblue’, ‘web’, ‘terrace’) looks a bit old. The Google Material Design will be the most important thing for us in the DHTMLX Suite 5.0.

We hope to DHTMLX 5.0! :slight_smile:

regards from switzerland