Material Skins odd row CSS


I was wondering if the naming for the odd row is wrong in the rendered view and material skin css.
I was trying to overwrite the background-color for .gantt_row .gantt_task_row but no matter what I change, it doesn’t work. I tried to track down, and it seem to me the class name is wrong? See below.

If you see the page source, it is stated as gantt_row_task.

And if you see the source of dhtmlxgantt_material.css inside skins directory, there is no gantt_row_task, only gantt_task_row


Hello Joseph,
You need to use .gantt_row.gantt_row_task. It should work the same way for the material skin and for the default, terrace, skin. Here is an example:

Please, clarify you tried to apply .gantt_row .gantt_task_row to colorize rows.

Hi ramil,

Thanks for clarifying.

I was using .gantt_row_task previously as mentioned.
Let me try to use .gantt_task_row and see if it works and get back to you.

I have tried and it works.

So I’m using .gantt_row.gantt_row_task and .gantt_row.odd,.gantt_task_row.odd to adjust the background-color of the row accordingly.