Math columns not working when using startFastOperations()

If I use math formulas like “=:salary*:hours” when adding data to a grid using startFastOperations / stopFastOperations the cells will display “N.aN”.
If I remove startFastOperations / stopFastOperations everything works fine.

Since it takes about 45 seconds to load data without fast operations I need to solve this somehow.

On a side note it seems like the formulas work if the columns used in the formula has been added, on the same row, before adding the formula.

Anyone know a solution/workaround for this?

When you are using startFastOperations - grid doesn’t run any side jobs, so it is expected that the math will fail. But in most cases you need not to use startFastOperations. Instead of adding rows one by one - just form an js array of data and load it with a single parse command - it will work very fast, and will allow to use all functionality of the grid, including the math.

Sounds like a plan.

What is the parse command you talk about?

Note to self:

  var ar = [['col11','col12','col13'],['col21', 'col22', 'col23'],['col31', 'col32', 'col33']];
  grid.parse(ar,"jsarray"); … ta_loading

Please check … ject_parse

and next … m_js_array