math formulas in cells


I have a question regarding use of math formulas in cells. I looked at the example offered in the documentation


I was wondering if it’s possible to change math formulas to cover cells in different rows (for example c2 in the previous row), similar to MS excel.


You can set math formulas directly in the cell tag:

For example:



In this case the value of the cell in the 3rd row will be 6.

Thanks for the reply. I know about formulas in XML where I can use [row,col] but I was wondering if the same thing is possible with setColTypes where I could use something like ed[=cj*c3] where cj is a cell in a previous row.

There is no way to include “previous” row in formula, you can define the absolute positioned cell ( =[[1,0]]*c3 ). But there is no way to use relative links in math formulas.