max_month_events and onEmptyClick

I configured my scheduler with scheduler.config.max_month_events = 5 and I have an onEmptyClick event. When I click on a link in the scheduler that says “view more (6 events)” the onEmptyClick event fires. Is there a way to determine that the click event fired from the link?

I need to ignore the check for scheduling a day prior to today when a user clicks on a link to display the day view.

function(date, e) {
todaysDate = new Date;
if (date < todaysDate) {
message = “An event cannot be reserved on a day prior to today.”;

‘onEmptyClick’ provides a browser event a as a second argument. You can inspect it to see the target element.
For example:

[code]scheduler.attachEvent(“onEmptyClick”, function(date, e){
var node = || e.srcElement;
while(node && node.className != “dhx_month_link”){
node = node.parentNode;

if(node && node.className == "dhx_month_link"){
	dhtmlx.message("click on a link");
	dhtmlx.message("click on an empty spot");


Thanks! Works like a charm.