Maximize Tabbar Canvas Height

Is there a way to set the canvas height of a tab in the Tabbar to the size of the browser window? I’m attaching layouts to the tabs because I’m attaching toolbars to them. On one tab I have a form, and the page height increases as the form is built. But I’m trying to attach a grid to another tab, and it’s being created at a 0 height. I don’t want to set a static height; I want the grid to fill the available space (window height minus tabbar height minus toolbar height). I’ve tried playing around with CSS height values, but I haven’t found one that does what I’m looking for.

Edit to add:
The tabbar is attached to a div in the HTML of my page. I noticed that the calculated height of the div is changed as I move between the tabs. But setting the height of the div with the “Change” event of the tabbar did not produce any result.