Maxlength for the content of combobox


I used the combobox for the data entry of my web program and it used for the data to input into database.

My database have set the size limit, so I also need the max length for the inputbox.

When I used the combobox, I find that it cannot set the max length for it that is difference to simple html textbox.

Are there any solution to set the max length for the combobox? Thank you.



You can use onChange event to control the data in combo

    var value=combo.getCoimboText();
    if (value.length > MAX_LIMIT ){
          //show warning or truncate value in combo here

In html, I just need to set the maxlength and it will auto control user can’t to input.
How can I block user to input by your method??

Are there any method to block the key event input by users?
Can it also control the copy and plast?

You can use onKeyPressed event ( the same syntax as in above sample ) -
event occurs after any key pressed inside combo ( it will not work for
copy|paste operation initiated by mouse )