May Release

Will the May release support updating a database like the grid and use of the dataprocessor.

I am looking for a way to save create/edit projects and tasks back to a sql Server DB.

I will need the ability to perform validation on the tasks and save them to the database. Handling the entire gantt as a single XML file is not really a good option for my use case.

Ideally If I could capture the key events like Task start/end, created, deleted, parent and have custom user data attached to the taskinfo object that would be great. Is that asking to much :slight_smile:

Love your controls by the way they have been a life saver over the years.

May release will have the following features:

  1. time-scale moved to top and represented by month-days rows;
  2. day grid drawn on the background, with weekends grayed out;
  3. additional event handlers;
  4. other minor improvements.
    We will cover data-processor in a later release. Actually, every application has its own very special data processing, thus our data-processor will mostly serve as a sample.
    Stay tuned.

Do you have a planned release date?

Yes, it is May 31st.

I know, we are being very impatient, but i’m sure waiting will be worthy. Keep up the fantastic job you’re doing guys.

I am sorry for this delay, we are in process of new version publishing during this week.