Memory leak in new version of dhtmlxchart 3.6

Hi, again.
I already post message in this topic viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28527
When i install IE10 my memory leak problem was solved but when i upgrade dhtmlxchart.js and dhtmlxchart.css to version 3.6 i have this problem again , can you check your dhtmlxchart.js library for bugs ?


we have found an issue. I have attached fixed libraries (77.5 KB)

thank you, i try it on the next week

Alexandra can you say, debuf files .
dhtmlxchart_debug.js and dhtmlxchar_debug.css i must rewrite too or it’s not necessary ???

If you are not using debug files ( not including them on a pages ) - you need not them.
Basically, debug files are not compressed and not obfuscated version of the same code.