Menu as Navigation bar on a website


I am trying to use DHTMLX Menu as a Navigation bar for my website. The bar has main items and sub-items. I defined them in an xml file like this:

<item id="prot_1" text="Protocol 1"> <item id="prot_1_2+0" text="Round 2+0"> </item> <item id="prot_1_2+1" text="Round 2+1"> </item> <item id="prot_1_2+2" text="Round 2+2"> </item> </item> <item id="prot_2" text="Protocol 2"> <item id="prot_2_2+0" text="Round 2+0"> </item> <item id="prot_2_2+1" text="Round 2+1"> </item> <item id="prot_2_2+2" text="Round 2+2"> </item> </item> <item id="prot_3" text="Protocol 3"> <item id="prot_3_2+0" text="Round 2+0"> </item> <item id="prot_3_2+1" text="Round 2+1"> </item> <item id="prot_3_2+2" text="Round 2+2"> </item>
I am trying to add hover effect with the

[code] menubar.attachEvent(“onTouch”, function(id) {

    });[/code] method.

However, I was not able to find a simple color change or background color change in the API reference. Can anyone suggest how to add a simplw hover effect to the menu items?


Sorry , disregard this post. Now it works automatically


The navigation bar can be adjusted according to priority from which gives useful tips for modification.