Menu doesn't appear in Firefox and Chrome


I’m begin to use the dhtmlx menu, and I have a problem with the menu,

The problem is that is not vissible in the Firefox or the Google Chrome, but that’s not the case in IE;

I don’t think it is a problem with the XML, cause in the docs explorer of the product documentation, in the examples is the same.

Hope you can answer soon.



could you please provide the links to the problematic samples and browsers versions where we can recreate the issue.

All the examples in the category of items, in the 2.1 version documentation doesn’t appear in Firefox and Chrome; another think is the 1.0 and 2.5 versión of the menú are working fine (I can see the examples in the docs explorer page) only the 2.1 versión has the problem.

The Browers are:
– Firefox 3.5.2
– Internet Explorer 8
– Google Chrome

We have never received such complaints. Do you test the complete menu package without any changes in it ?

In any case you can use the latest menu version ( 2.5 ) instead 2.1. The issues with API compatibility can’t occur.

Hello friends,
I have the same possession.
My menu opens normal in IE, but in Firefox 3.5.3 he/she only appears a bar and the items doesn’t appear.


João de Lima


Do you use the latest menu version ?

If the issue occurs with menu 2.5, please provide the complete demo that will allow reproduce the issue


the test sample for 2.1 version is attached. (32.2 KB)