menu menu.loadXML(popMenuObj.menuURL, function(){...});Error

FF3.6.18 throws an error: Error type: LoadXML, Description: Incorrect XML
when executing:
menu.loadXML(popMenuObj.menuURL, function(){

IE9+ works fine with no error for the same call.

I’ve verified that the xml loaded is correct:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Please help. Is FF 3.6.18 not compatible with menu.loadXML ?


the xml is correct and menu is correctly rendered with it.

However, if the xml is generated by server-side script, please have a look at the folowing article. … orrect_xml
and check that none of the described cases is actual for your application.


Thanks for responding.

I found the problem setting the content-type http response header. It should have been “text/xml”.