Menu Overflow Scroll Speed

Hi there,

I have recently discovered a need to set the overflow height for my dhtmlx menu. I found the api allows this with menu.setOverflowHeight(number);

This works great, but the scrolling speed is painfully slow. Does the api allow this speed to be modified in any way, or would there be any way to modify this via javascript?

Thanks for your time!

There are no settings for it: it is browsr’s behaviour (speed).

Hi Darya,

Thanks for the response.

With this in mind, is there any way I can modify this so it uses a scroll bar instead of the slow arrows at the top and bottom? This would be similar to what a dhtmlxCombo looks like when it is overflowing.

The issue is that we have enough options for a menu item that an overflow is needed, but the performance of the scrolling is such that it takes ~10seconds to scroll through the entire list.



inside menu there is a logic:

function doScroll() { += someStep; window.setTimeout(doScroll, someTime); }

someStep can be changed like:


and someTime like:


of_dtime - overflow down time,
of_dstep - oveflow down step,
of_utime and of_ustep - up direction