menu toptext xml

is it possible to specify the “toptext” value in the xml for a menu?

I have a menu that is generated from a php script - this bit works fine.
I want to include some top text from some of the session variables in the php script but dont know how to include it it the menu xml layout.


I need to specify that exactly do you mean under “toptext”?

After I have created my menu from the xml template I can set the text in the top right of the menu using javascript -

menu.setTopText(“hello and welcome to my site…”);

my question is to find out if I can specify this value in the XML template for the menu rather than in javascript. I actually want to bring through the user name and database that they are connected to which are held in PHP session variables.


There is no possibility to add it in XML, but the only way to use it in your case the nect:

menu.loadXML(url, function(){ // callback menu.setTopText("hello and welcome to my site...."); })