menu with bigger image and multiline

First of all I would like to thank you for your efforts to create such wonderfull components.

I am trying to build up a product design page and I need to show the component images and names at menu/combobox. Please check below about my questions

  1. I want to show images at 100px X 100px size. Each item has two lines; one line has image and another one is name of component and I want to locate each item as vertically and horizantally centered
  2. We have sub items and have to show all subitems properly
  3. Sure we will have overflow because there will be so many items. Instead of navigation buttons at top and buttom, is it possible to use scrollbar

Looking forward your kind prompt replies
Best Regards,
Hasan Tumay

Any Reply?

What you described is similar to our DataView component: … ndex.shtml … w/samples/

You may create a dataview in absolutely positioned containers which will be hidden or shown when its is needed.