Menu's top level item's icon not working

I have this code:[
    {value: "File", type:"menuItem", "icon": "dxi dxi-file-outline", items: [
        {"id": "Save", "type": "navItem", "value": "Save", "icon": "dxi dxi-file-outline"},
        {"id": "SaveAs", "type": "navItem", "value": "Save As", "icon": "dxi dxi-file-outline"}
    {"id": "ZoomIn", "type": "navItem", "value": "Zoom", "icon": "dxi dxi-plus"},               

The icons on the child items show as expected but the ‘File’ and ’ ZoomIn’ item icon’s do not show. The docs indicate that this should work fine?

Unfortunately the problem couldn’t be reconstructed locally.
Your code works well for me locally:

Could you pleas,e try to use the latest version of the dhtmlxSuite, or provide a more detailed sample of your using code.

It is the Menu widget that I’m using (v6.2.3), the attached file test2.html (2.0 KB)
shows the problem.

I can confirm that the problem is fixed in suite v6.3.1

Thank you for your feedback. Glad, that the problem is solved.