Merge 2 grid into single pdf file

Dear all,

  1. i have 2 grid object with nearly same structure, say it gridA and gridB
    is it possible converting 2 grid object into single pdf file.

  2. how to add text object such as title, note or something similar into pdf page

thx :slight_smile:


  1. Which result would you like to have? Add rows from gridB into gridA and print it?
    Or print gridA and starting from new page gridB in PDF?

Unforunately there is no easy way to realize this both functionalities. For do that you should modify code.

  1. To add custom titles and nodes into pdf you should modify source code.
    2.1) Open gridPdfGenerator.php and edit it like here
if ((($this->header)&&($pageNumber == 1))||($this->pageHeader)) {
	$this->wrapper->drawImgHeader($this->headerFile, $this->headerImgHeight);

2.2) Open gridPdfWrapper.php and modify it like here

		} else {
			return 'transparent';

	public function drawCustom() {
		// some custom code to draw enything you want


2.3) Visit and look at documentation for tcpdf library. After that you can write you custom code in drawCustom method. To get tcpdf object you can use $this->cb and do with it anything you like.

hi radyno, thx for your help

i want gridB printed exactly after gridA, without merge the row of gridB into gridA

for the PDF, thx i’ll try it

Unfortunately there is no way to realize it.