message box

I want to ask about message box ?
Any infomation about it ?

Which message box do you mean?

Latest dhtmlxSuite ( and dhtmlxScheduler ) contains jsMessage lib which can be used to produce custom message boxes.


I use one of the message box which is confirm box.

            title: "Delete the record",
            text: "Are you sure ?"

It will display < OK > and < Cancel > two button.

I want to ask how to operate these two button that add function and action to them ?

You can use callback function - it will be called when one of buttons pressed

dhtmlx.message({ type:"confirm", text: "Continue?", callback: function(mode) { //mode==true if OK button was pressed, false otherwise ...custom code here... } });


I can get the result !

Thanks for your help !

Best Regards !

Ivan Chan