message on a java applet

Hi support and others.
dhtmlxMessage is a very useful component.
My project is coded with a java applet for a main dashboard.
So, Orininal dhtmlxWindow and dhtmlxCalendar are covered with a main content which maded by java applet.
To solve a dhtmlxWindow’s problem, I modified a dhtmlxWindows.js source by force. ex) this._isIE6=true ;
And To solve a dhtmlxCalendar’s problem, I used a cal.enableIframe(true).

But, I can’t find any solution For dhtmlxMessage on java applet.
It’s a very important feature to my project.

In my opinion, like 2 cases above, using a iframe may be possible.

Could you suggest an alternative ?

Help me plz.

There is no similar solution for dhtmlxmessage.
Similar approach will require rendering iframe below each message box, which can be done through source code modification, but it will degrade visual appearance of message boxes - so we do not plan to add it to the main codebase.