Migrating from v1.6 to v2.1

In my existing application I used DHTMLX professional v1.6 for implementing different components

provided by DHTMLX like grid,colorpicker,tree, tabbar,menu etc…

Now I migrating it to v2.1 and I have successfully made the transition for every component except tree.

Instead of making each and every component again, I figured out the changes by going through documentations

& samples.

For DHTMLX tree implementation I cant find out any major change in the API but its creating the major problems.

Like moveItem() function throws exception and many others. I tried debugging the problematic area but it was of

no help.

Can I get any comparison chart between v1.6 & v2.1 for Tree specifically.



1) tree 2.1 support new menu (menu 2.x).

2) Also the approach of setting event handler was changed. It became as follows (the previous is also supported):


for example: tree.attachEvent(“onCheck”,handler) instead of tree.setOnCheckHandler(handler);

3) abitility to set custom attributes was added

4) Smart Rendering mode.

Regarding issue with moveItem method and other functionality. There was an issue in the drag-n-drop functionality in 2.1 it was fixed. So, please contact us at support@dhtmlx.com, provide your ref. number and we’ll send the fixed 2.1 version (or 2.5 beta if you want).