Migrating from v4.02 to version 4.6

I have an application that renders a tabbar and a menu correctly when I use v4.02 of the dhtmlx professional suite,but when I switch to the v4.6 they no longer render correctly. The migration guides stop at v4.4 and there are changes to both the tabbar and Menu in the version 4.5 and 4.6 change lists. Are there new or changed functions for version 4.6? Or possibly an updated migration guide?

I was able to resolve most of the improper rendering by correcting the load of the new dhtmlx.css file in my application. The path to the dhtmlx.css was being dynamically generated and that code needed to be corrected. I was able confirm that I had the new dhtmlx.css loaded by setting the font to Webdings using the Skin Builder, so there would be a visual conformation the the new css was loaded correctly. I am still interested to know if there are updates to the migration guide for version 4.6.