Migration dhtmlx2.1 --> dhtmlx2.5


I followed your instructions regarding migration from 2.1 to 2.5; however, there is still a problem with tabbar and accordion.

After upgrading to version 2.5, dhtmlxTabbar is no longer able to load scripts in “ajax-html” mode which contain dhtmlxAccordions. Attaching dhtmlxAccordion to the dhtmlxTabbar works, but the solution I prefer looks like this:



    define ( “DHTMLXPATH” , “http://localhost/dhtmlx2.1”);

    //define ( “DHTMLXPATH” , “http://localhost/dhtmlx2.5”);












Load data in tabbar by ajax-html





With DHTMLXPATH set to “dhtmlx2.1” the code above will work. However, when switching to “dhtmlx2.5” the tabbar will show the text without accordion. Is there any way to reactivate this functionallity for dhtmlx2.5?



Existing version of dhtmlxtabbar has a regression which cause problems for inline script processing.
It will be fixed in oncoming update, meanwhile you can contact us directly at support@dhtmlx.com - we will provide an update which will restore functionality in question.