Migration from v2.5 to v4.2 / Where is dhtmlgrid_form.js ?

Hello. :smiley:

We are working on migrating dhtmlgrid from version 2.5 to version 4.2,
and we met one issue which is not described anywhere.

Our issue is grid#parentFormOnSubmit method is not exists. :cry:

Bellow document describes about that method, but we cannot find a dhtmlgrid_form.js file.

That method had removed? If so please tell me another way.

Thanks and regards.

Hi, This functionality is still in place and supported.
If you are using dhtmlx.js, it is already part of this file, or you can locate separate extension in sources\dhtmlxGrid\codebase\ext\dhtmlxgrid_form.js

Please beware that this method is available only in the PRO edition of dhtmlxGrid.

Hello Stanislav,

Thank you for your quickly reply. :smiley:

I misunderstand that is PRO edition feature.

We are waiting for my boss purchase it :slight_smile: