Migration issue to version 7.0.2

I’m not sure its a bug, but it looks like it is.
Please confirm and eventually provide a solution.

Issue Description:
After upgrading to 7.0.2 and when using a method

gantt.setWorkTime({day: 0, hours: [8, 17]})

to set work time for a specific day gantt gives an error

TypeError: "this is undefined"

hasWorkTime dhtmlxgantt.js:11
hasWorkTime dhtmlxgantt.js:11
_tryChangeCalendarSettings dhtmlxgantt.js:11
setWorkTime dhtmlxgantt.js:11
setWorkTime dhtmlxgantt.js:11
setWorkTime dhtmlxgantt.js:11

Hello @Eustachy,

It’s a bug in our end, thank you for noticing it. It occurs only for monday(1)/sunday(0) as a parametets for setWorkTime method as following format:

gantt.setWorkTime({day : 1, hours : ["8:30-19:00"]});
gantt.setWorkTime({day : 0, hours : ["8:30-19:00"]});

Our dev team already fixed it, and the fix will be included in the next bugfix release, which will be available late this week or early next week.

I also answered your question on this topic in our documentation:
but please, do not duplicate the same question in multiple places.