Milestone overflows to the rows


The milestones overflow to the rows above and below them.
Is it a known bug, maybe?


Hello @subri_joska,

It’s not a bug as it is, as it’s a part of the design.

If it’s inappropriate for your app, you can stylize milestones with the.gantt_task_line.gantt_milestone selector.

Here is a demo, with a “minified” milestone(HTML tab):

Please, notify, that “link pointers” and “links” are stylized for default task sizes, so that may become “shifted” after such customization.
Also, unfortunately, there is no easy way to stylize links, as styles will be applied not only for “milestone” task links but for usual tasks.
Also, such customization won’t be flexible, in case if you will use the
row_height config:

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Alright, thank you for the help!