Milestone text is not displayed

I am investigating the gantt control as a potential reporting solution. I have created a simple gantt and want to show only milestones. The milestones are displaying but their associated text is not displayed. Is this a limitation of the non-pro version of the component or is my code incorrect?

Gantt Prototype html, body { height: 100%; padding: 0px; margin: 0px; overflow: hidden; } </head
gantt.config.start_date = new Date(2023, 01, 01); gantt.config.end_date = new Date(2023, 12, 31); gantt.config.scales = [{unit: "month", step: 1, format: "%M %Y"}]; gantt.config.readonly = true;
		var cols = [{
			name: "Program", 
			label: "Program",
			align: "center"
			name: "Initiative", 
			label: "Initiative",
			align: "center"
			name: "Team",
			label: "Team",
			align: "center"
		gantt.config.columns = cols;
				{id: 1, text: 'M1', type:"milestone", start_date: "26-02-2023", Program: "Program A", Initiative: "A -Phase 1", Team: "Bueno", open: true},
				{id: 2, text: "M2", type:"milestone", start_date: "30-03-2023", open: true, parent: 1}
			links: [
				{id: 1, source: 1, target: 2, type: "1"}				]

I figured it out… I had to define a rightside_text function. It worked nicely :slight_smile:

Hello Stephen,
There is no way to include all the text inside the small diamon shape.

So, yes, you need to use the rightside_text or leftside_text templates:

That is the easiest way to show the milestone text near to the actual element.