military time

Currently my events are showing on the List and “selected event” views with Military time. Is there a way to change the format to “regular” time? (e.g. %h:%i %a) (I got this to work with the datepicker, but now I have two formats for displaying the time…)

I think it might have something to do with the statement,

fts = dhx.i18n.timeFormatStr(start)

but I can’t find where I can control it or alter it.

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Check the may define time and date formats for the scheduler. Here are the example:


and docs: … figuration


Thank you. I ended up using

scheduler.config.hour_date = "%g:%i %a"; 

Now, is there a way to get the datepicker to use non-military time when selecting the time of an event?

Thank you!


scheduler.config.form_date defines date format for form fields:

scheduler.config.form_date = “%Y-%m-%d %g:%i %a”;