min_date and max_date of mini calendar extension?

I am able to pull the min_date and max_date (first and last displayed dates) from the scheduler calendar like so:

function LoadEvents(obj)
     var start_date = moment(obj.getState().min_date).format("MM/DD/YYYY");
     var end_date = moment(obj.getState().max_date).format("MM/DD/YYYY");
     var event_url = "/Calendar/GetEvents?startDate=__startDate__&endDate=__endDate__";
     event_url = event_url.replace("__startDate__", start_date);
     event_url = event_url.replace("__endDate__", end_date);
     obj.load(event_url, "json");

Now I am also showing two mini calendars (showing current and next month) each in a separate container from the main scheduler calendar. I want to load only the events from these two months. How can this be accomplished?


do you mean you need to load events from three separate time frames - visible dates of scheduler, and visible dates of each minicalendar?
Or will it always be a single time frame - scheduler dates plus the next and the previous months?

If it’s former - probably the easiest way would be to trigger loading from each minicalendar, each time it shows a new date. There is no public event for this, so probably you’ll have to create a wrapper for scheduler.renderCalendar function and trigger loading each time it’s called;

If it will be a single timeframe - you just extend startDate and endDate values