Mini-calendar in lightbox not working


I tried mini-calendar in lightbox and it worked fine initially once or twice. However, recently is behaving weird. I’m not able to find where I goofed up. The problem I’m facing are -

  1. When I click in the date field to select a date, the calender appears and when I try to select a date, nothing happens. Not even the calendar disappears. I get no javascript error either.

  2. Following the first error, if I try to select the end date, I see two calendar for the same month, positioned one below another and the behavior of date not getting selected still persists.

Please help me to fix this.

Note: The necessary javascript code and the jsp page are attached.

Chetan (2.93 KB)

Please try to use the attached js file instead of the original one, it fixes few known issues related to the mini-calendar as part of lightbox. (2.9 KB)

Hi Stanislav,
It worked. Thanks a ton.