mini calendar left right button ajax event call

can we call ajax event on left right button on mini calendar.
the thing I have to do is I want to have a ajax call on the left right arrows of mini calendar. so that I can get the data from server for that month.
for example.

  1. when I open my scheduler page. I am getting the data for that month of the current date.
  2. then when I click on mini calendar to see the current months data , I am able to see my booked appointment in yellow.
  3. then when I want to go to next/prev month , I am not able to see the appointments for that respective prev/next month immediately.

is there is any solution to this as I did not find any documentation of prev/next buttons of mini calendar.

Please suggest.



Unfortunately, currently there is no built in way to load events according to minical.
In this case you could try to redefine updateCalendar function. In new function you could start events loading and call old function.
Or you could probably try to use some hacks to make updateCalendar load scheduler events.
For example: