Minical, tree and grid working linked

im using dhtmlxlayout with minical in 1 cel, a tree the second cell, and a grid in the third cell…

i already made that when you click a item in the tree, it opens a different xml file using the funtion: dhxTreeM.setOnClickHandler(openxml);

i also made that when you click a date in the minical, it opens the xml in the right date:

var now = date;
var nu = now.format(“dd-mm-yyyy”);
statusBar.setText(“Mutaties “+nu+” laden…”);

but how can i make the openxml funtion to change the file that loads in the eventhandler in the minical… (the part i made bold above)?

when i click a item in the list it loads the a different file in the grid, but when i click another date in the minical, it loads the the original xml file again…

openxml function could set a public variable - url.
So, this variable will be avaible for dhxGrid.loadXML(url+"?date=’+nu+’’);

i had that, but the minical doesnt reload?

Did you mean that grid isn’t reloaded ?

You may call clearAll method before loadXML:


no the var doesnt reload, so the calander opens the old xml file into the grid…
istead of the new var (url)

I need the ready demo to recreate the problem